What began 25 years ago as one family attempting to make extra income on the farm, to one of the largest rock producers in Oklahoma and Arkansas, is now known as Rock-It Natural Stone, Inc. In July of 1999 the family became very serious about the stone industry and opened their doors as Rock-It Natural Stone. With all members of the family, father , Billy Baldwin, mother , Lydia, and 4 sons, Caleb, Clint, Ben and Brandon, and a very close friend as the lone salesman, David Bullard and 25 other employees this company was officially launched. On February 11, 2003, Rock-It Natural Stone became a corporation with Billy Baldwin as President and CEO, Lydia as Secretary/Treasurer and Caleb,Clint, Ben, and Brandon as key management/supervisors. The years between 1999 and 2017 have been ones of tremendous growth and progress. From the original 30-35 people sprang up an operation now employing over 200 . Rock-It began operations with two bonded and permitted quarries. Currently the company has 23 quarries that are permitted and bonded with a few others waiting .

Without the dedicated employees Rock-It has, the growth that the company has achieved would not be as substantial. Rock-It’s commitment to a quality product and satisfied customer is #1 throughout the company.

While mining from over (23) licensed and bonded quarries in (3) different states, we have one of the largest selections of natural mined stone in the United States. We offer in excess of (70) different selections of full thickness building, architectural, landscaping and ?all natural thin stone? which is our specialty. Our customers are both commercial and residential, and as we work with architects, masons, contractors, and builders, it is a pleasure to have them visit us at Rock-It. We will custom blend stone selections that are unique to the projects and environment at hand, and actually encourage our customers to be picky.

If you are interested in learning more about Rock-It, please give us a call. We will look forward to hearing from you.

Rock-It Natural Stone, Inc. is located approximately (8) miles west Of Wister, Oklahoma on Highway 270.

1 (800) 371-4219