Leed Green

Rock-It Natural Stone (LEED)

Rock-it Natural Stone Inc. is a quarrier of dimensional stone via the non-coal mining
method. Standards for disturbing the earth are set by the Oklahoma Department of
Mines. As land owners ourselves, the bar has been set very high by the owner to
assure that all lands are reclaimed in such a manner that in many cases the
property is in a better state than before quarrying began and all safety requirements
are met as well. Typically before the mining process can begin, a Lease Agreement is
made between our company and the landowner – then a request for a Non-Coal Mining
Permit is submitted to the Oklahoma Department of Mines and a bond ($1,000.00 per acre)
is set in place to ensure that once the mining process is completed, all regulations for
the Oklahoma Department of Mines and the Department of Environmental Quality are met.
All of these documents are a matter of public record and the Oklahoma Department of
Mines can be contacted at any time concerning any requests for information. The contact
number is as follows: Doug Schooley, Minerals Administrator (405-427-3859) and their
website is:

After the permit has been granted, the excavation process begins according to department
regulations. Topsoil is removed after the vegetative cover that could interfere with the
use of topsoil is cleared. The topsoil is then stockpiled to be redistributed over the
backfilled area at the completion of the mining operations. If necessary to control
dust, water is sprayed on the stockpiles, haul roads and parking area as determined by
the mine operator and department standards. Sediment ponds are built to control run-off
and eliminate contamination of nearby streams, lakes, ponds, etc.

These bonded areas are inspected monthly by the Oklahoma Department of Mines and any
corrections that need to be made are done at that time. When reclamation begins, the
landowner has the option of returning the property to lakes, ponds and pasture land or
it may be planted with pine seedlings or a combination of each to restore the property
to be environmentally friendly. The topsoil will be redistributed, leveled, smoothed and
soil samples will be collected and analyzed to determine the nutrient and lime
deficiencies. Soil samples will be analyzed for pH, buffer index, nitrogen, phosphorus,
and potassium. Any deficiencies will be corrected, according to Soil Conservation Service
recommendations and the appropriate grasses will be planted depending on the season and
type of grass to be planted.

Once reclamation has been completed in the permitted area, the Department of Mines,
all landowners within a one mile radius of the property and county officials are
notified regarding the request to release the bonded area. A date is set to officially
protest any negligence committed on Rock-its part and any necessary corrections are
noted. Rock-it has never been denied a bond release due to reclamation deficiencies.

Rock-it Natural Stone Inc., is very proud of its working relationship with the Oklahoma
Department of Mines and the Department of Environmental Quality. We would be happy
to have anyone contact these departments and be assured that our company goes above
and beyond the regulations to insure that our natural resources are preserved for
generations to come. Each year that we have been in business, we have received a
“Sentinel of Safety” award from the U.S. Dept. of Labor (M.S.H.A.) and various other
safety awards from the state. We are very conscious not only of our planet but also of
our employees who make all this possible.

Billy Baldwin
Rock-it Natural Stone, Inc.